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Psalm 23 Revisited

O Lord, You are my Shepherd;
Because of You, I lack nothing.
You make me rest in the green center of Your will;
You lead me to still, life-giving water.
You restore my emotional equilibrium;
You show me the way of right living
For Your name’s sake.

Yes, Jesus, even when I am walking through corridors where death looms over me,
I do not fear any evil;
Because You walk beside me;
Your rod of protection and Your staff of correction give me comfort.

You provide for me when my enemies are all around me;
You anoint my head with the fragrant oil of Your Spirit;
My cup is overflowing, overflowing, overflowing.
There is no doubt that goodness and mercy pursue me
Every single day of my life;
And I dwell in Your house, in Your presence, Lord God,
For all eternity.

Not the Circumstances

Sometimes You sleep when the wind and waves crash over me.
I wonder in my unbelief if I will be overwhelmed,
Because I am staring at the fury instead of at Your face.
Yet, I know in my heart of hearts that I can trust You.
It is only when I forget that I falter…
But I no longer know You according to the flesh,
Or the ways the world thinks,
Now, I know You in the Spirit—
The God who commanded light to shine in darkness,
Shines in my heart till my inner night is conquered.
…If only I could remember to gaze at You, and
Find rest in my own little boat beside You.
It is Your posture, Lord, that governs the outcome,
Not the circumstances in which I find myself.

Sweet Sleep

Sweet sleep come greet me soon
Before my mind wanders overmuch.
Let the still night hours wrap my thoughts
Till peace and quiet reign again, and
My body finds comfort in my familiar bed.
Let the angels fill my dreams with more…
More You, Lord… more grace, Father…
More rest, Holy Spirit, in Your habitations with me.

More Transformation

I often wonder, Lord, what you are doing
When I feel far away and out of touch,
But in my core, I trust You’re still renewing
This soul of mine that still needs way too much.
I find my rest somehow despite the questions.
I choose to trust regardless how I feel.
I’m grateful You forgive all my transgressions,
But praying for more transformation still.

When I Come Again

In the morning hours I seek You,
While I know You may be found.
In my sleepless hours I push through
All the noises that surround.
I cannot find any solace
Till I rise once more to meet.
When You call me to the still place,
There is no one else so sweet.
In the secret place I find you.
Let Your shadow fall on me.
Hide me in Your place of refuge,
When I come again to Thee.

Break Forth

Break forth, O God, among us!
Let exuberance win the day!
Let joy-filled expectation be made complete.
Holy Spirit, flood us with your love—
Eternal, living water that wakes up dead cells,
Reviving every dry heart so it spews new life
To the surrounding lives and hearts.
Burst our tiny boxes of preconceived notions.
Show us your power, God of Hosts!
Let your angels dance among us
Till we can see Your heaven
Displayed on this earth, in this place.

Reflections in a Clouded Mirror, 2nd edition

Hey all, I am happy to report that I have finally finished republishing my first book as an updated 2nd edition with additional content—introduction, acknowledgements, preface, and table of contents. Please check it out at Amazon: click here or on the front cover image below. Thanks bunches for your support!

Light of Love

Damp night gives way
To cool, crisp, clear, clear morning.
Sunlight reflects off every surface
Magnifying the brightness of all the world
Beyond the visible spectrum,
Till it seems everything is glowing with You.
You blanket my existence with Your presence,
So I cannot NOT know You.
You are the Light of the world, Jesus!
Help me recognize You,
Even through my darkest nights
When I weep with the burden of
Not being, yet, all that You call me to be.
Thank You, Lord,
For lifting me out of the pit once more,
Setting my feet on solid rock,
Drying my tears, and
Comforting my soul with the brilliant revelation,
Again, that You love me.

New Life!

The seeds of discontent go deep inside me.
I am restless, unsatisfied and no circumstance matters.
The status quo has grown old and stale, and
I am so, so weary of the same traditions
Regurgitated in far too many different ways
So they are palatable to the masses.
New life should be new LIFE!!!
We’ve spent our whole Christian lives
Trying to put on practices,
Trying to keep sets of rules,
Trying to look different,
When a moral agnostic looks exactly the same as we do.
The only difference is where we gather—
Churches with programs instead of
Informal parties and motivational meetings.

If God gives me new life, and His word says He does…
If His word says I am seated with Christ in heavenly places, and it does…
Shouldn’t I be able to operate freely
From a heavenly position…RIGHT NOW??
So, if I see with the eyes of my heart,
Speak with voice of my soul,
I can meet with Christ face to face in the Spirit,
Because the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead
Dwells in me.
I am justified, sanctified, made whole by Christ’s blood.
Sure, my body is a long way from perfection, but
My spirit is made perfect in Him.
The Holy Spirit knows the heart of Abba God,
Helps us commune beyond the words of this limited physical existence.

Holy Spirit living water flows from inside us.
We toss that phrase “living water” around like nothing, but
Have we ever stopped to contemplate the aliveness of the Water?
Our God is a consuming fire!
It follows that the Fire is as alive as the Water.
They have voice, thought, God-inspired functions in us.
Water cleanses.
Fire purifies.
They both speak the holiness of Almighty God!
They both imbue us with aliveness beyond typical human thought,
Until the Life flows out of us to the world around us.

Jesus healed the sick, the blind, the lame,
Delivered the oppressed, raised the dead…
We can do this, too, but
We have so little faith in anything
We can’t accomplish by natural means.
If Jesus said we could move mountains,
Maybe we should have a conversation with the mountain,
Just like Jesus did with that storm on the Sea of Galilee, or
The fig tree that didn’t have any fruit on it.

I want to see beyond the mortal, fallen world around me
To the truth of the unseen, eternal realm within everything.
I don’t want to listen to the people who say
It can’t be done because it’s “super”-natural, or
Because it’s not part of the traditions
We’ve adhered to for the last two millennia.
There’s more than just saying a prayer,
Writing in a journal, attending a service,
Reading what’s written…

The first century believers didn’t
Have New Testament scriptures when they started out.
They relied on the Holy Spirit,
Read the Old Testament, had common union,
Shared their wealth,
While people like Peter, Stephen, Paul, and John
Had actual conversations with Jesus and angels…
AFTER the ascension…
Saw into the heavenly realms in their day.
John said he was “in the Spirit on the Lord’s day”
As if everyone knew what he was talking about already.

Jesus told us that if we believe,
We could “come in and go out.”
That, my friend, isn’t a pie-in-the-sky-by-and-by proposition.
That is a NOW experience…
So what are we waiting for?
We already have the invitation, and
I am so tired of acceptance based on traditional behavior
Instead of grace and love in operation.
I’m not talking about negating scripture.
I am talking about moving
Into the next phase of our spiritual journey.


NOTE: This one is modeled (somewhat) after the poem “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon. During some training at work, we were assigned the task of writing something about ourselves using the general criteria Ms. Lyon used. I’m not sure I really stuck with the actual assignment too well, but I felt that the end result was worth keeping…and it tells a bit about who I am, so…

I am from farm fields stretching for miles.
I am from old houses falling apart
—cold in winter, hot in summer, rarely comfortable;
From the smell of wood fires burning in fireplace and wood stove;
From laughing doggy eyes and cuddly cats.
I am from anger filling the house with rage and and music to calm the storm;
From drabness as an emotional blanket smothering all the joys and fears.
I am from hidden places of refuge.
I am from hurt and rejection pushing me into self-realization;
From forgiveness and the struggle to let go.
I am from learning and seeking and growing into intimacy with my Creator;
From church every time the doors opened
morphing to home informal gatherings instead.

…We ran out of time, or this might have been longer. I did consider adding to it, but felt that I needed to let this one be as-is. Make of it what you will.

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