As my thoughts meander through the corridors of change,
All I need to know is that you hold me in your hands.
Still I wonder every day how things could be so strange.
With everything I see and feel, I’m looking for your plans,
But I can’t tell from all that comes how things will still work out.
I’ve come to just believe beyond what I can see and feel.
I’m trusting in your goodness, God, and quashing all my doubt
Because of my experiences; I know you are real.
What comes will come and no amount of worry can affect
The outcome of my situation whether good or ill.
Your word says thankful prayer petitions gain your good respect,
So I will lay my heart before you, trusting in you still.
You’ve taught me through the good and bad to lean on holy faith,
So, somehow in this season, I intend to do the same.
Though I can’t know what’s coming, I still know that I can wait
As I’m planting my feet firmly on the Rock that is your name.

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