Men’s souls are shaped on the anvil of God under the pressure of circumstance. It is only by bathing ourselves in the fire of His presence that we can become malleable enough to be molded into the shape He designed for us from the very beginning. Being hammered upon without enough heat to enable change will only break us to pieces in the end.

Seek God in the glory of His goodness as Moses did, so we can display His unspeakable Love by our submission to the process. He designed all the happenings in our lives for each of us to be conformed to the image of Christ that is unique to the shape within our own DNA and brought to completion only in Him. It is not about shaping us into something unnatural, but is about bringing who we are intended to truly be out of our hidden core and into the Light for others to see. Only then can we be the perfect implement for His hand to wield…whether a sword in battle or a plow to till the field.