I am finding it difficult to articulate
All the different mishmash of thoughts about
My spirituality, my spiritual walk with God,
My perceptions of spiritual reality versus
My perceptions of the world I function in.

The Light shines in the darkness and
The darkness can never conquer it!
I saw light shining out from the star in Stardust—
Obliterating all the works of darkness that
Tried to come against her, to overcome her.
This morning I heard a song by someone singing,
“I wish this was all a dream and I could wake up…”
I watched all the cars on the highway in front of me
Filling up the manmade world
Under dim winter sunlight and thought,
“Well, isn’t all this just a world-sized dream,
A dim reality that pales next to the more-than-solid
Spiritual dimension that surrounds us?”
This pale star giving us daylight fades to insignificance
Next to the glory of the Eternal God…
Who SPOKE LIGHT into existence,
But has always been so much MORE than
Light, as we currently perceive it, ever can be!
Lewis had some understanding of it, I think.

It all makes me want to try harder,
To see the truth of His presence,
To truly perceive Him not with my physical senses,
But with all of the core of who I truly am,
The eyes of my heart becoming stronger.