Holy Spirit,
Today the warm, gray clouds wrapped around us
As we stared out the car window.
I thought how really present I felt in the moment,
Realized you hovered there quietly with me,
Smiled to myself for the sheer pleasure of you.
The grayness of the warm, moist, late spring day
Felt like a blanket enclosing us,
Tightly wrapping me right up with you
Till I felt the joy of being,
The delight of togetherness, oneness.
You filled me up with fullness of your holy presence—
All the greatness of your majesty
Compressed into the silent, unified
Enjoyment of your created refreshment.
The rain sprinkled down on us in spurts and spates, and
It was just so lovely!!!
Observers might have thought me alone,
Might have thought the day dreary,
But no, not today…
Today I was filled with wonder at your work.
Today I was replete with you, Lord.