The cold, crisp morning grips me with brightness
As I walk out the door to head out.
I breathe in the chill air and breathe out clarity.
Winter grabs me again, swings me around,
Makes me sit up and notice life a little better.
Truthfully, I don’t really like the cold,
But I appreciate the role it plays in waking me up.
Celebrate the seasons as they come, I say!
Hail, Winter, well met!
Remind me every morning of the glory to come—
Of the beauty that is here and now
In bare trees and bushes dormant and resting
As they await the burst of new life to come in spring.
Remind me, as well, of the need to rest while I can,
As I await the next season of whatever God has in store.
I want to be awake, prepared, actively anticipating
The goodness and glory of God in my life.
In the meantime, winter is here
To be enjoyed not denigrated, so…
Hurray for Winter!!!