In the moment,
When I sit and think of you,
All the crazy recollections
Give me bits and bytes of joy that lift my heart.

In the moment,
When I meditate on us,
All the bumps along the way
Make me glad we had each other for support.

In the moment,
When I contemplate and muse,
All the good and bad together
Formed the present circumstance in which we live.

In the moment,
When I’m with you in the now,
Everything becomes more focused
Giving life and joy and purpose to our love.

In the moment,
When my gratitude abounds,
Every step, we learn to listen,
Till our hearts and minds find harmony in Christ.

In the moment,
When I give “us” to the Lord,
I find greater peace of mind
Letting Love infuse our love with His great light.

In the moment,
I’m just happy that I’m with you,
As we jointly journey forward,
Knowing God will draw us onward into Him…
Ever loving, living, growing, still transforming, trusting Him.