When You wake me with Your presence,
Your purpose shines in my heart like a beacon—
Drawing me onward towards Your light,
Weighing my heart with compassion for Your people…
I cannot be still!
I ache for You to reveal Yourself
To those my heart loves,
To those I have known through the years.
It feels like time is so short,
Sometimes I quiver inside with the effort.
The names and faces wander through my heart, and
I feel so desperate for them to wake
To a new awareness of Your reality in their lives!
You can move them, Lord Jesus;
You can shake them, Father God;
You can show them, Holy Spirit,
The authenticity of WHO You are!
So, my lips move in a silent plea,
My spirit aches with a fierce compassion,
Words fail me completely as I groan speechlessly
With a Holy Spirit travail inexpressible any other way—
Till at some point I feel release,
Finding rest again in Your arms.
…And Abba, I invite You to continue to awaken me, too,
Each new day to a greater awareness of You.

Romans 8:26,27