I lift up Christ, the coming King
…Just because I can.
I will give thanks in everything
…Just because I can.
In spite of all I choose to praise Him
…Just because I can.
I worship, glorify and raise Him
…Just because I can.

And just because I’m able to,
I’ll sing to Jesus all day through.
I’ll walk through fire and through the flood,
For He redeemed me with His blood.
He holds my life within His hand
…All just because He can.

So, I’ll forgive and I’ll forget
…Just because I can.
I’ll release my last regret
…Just because I can.
I will walk on despite defeat
…Just because I can.
Holy Spirit guides my feet
…Just because He can.

And just because He’s able to,
He keeps me close, remaining true.
Though loss and grief keep hounding me,
His Spirit teaches me to be
His precious child within His hand.
It’s just because I am!