Just when I think I’ll be fine…
Things are going to be okay,
Life is going to settle down…
Something happens.
In my life “something? is usually not small;
It’s a right-down-to-the-wire MAJOR issue.
According to Erma Bombeck,
“Normal is a setting on the washing machine.?
So, really, normal is a relative term.
“Normal? for me seems to be “crisis-mode.?
I am learning, like Paul, to be content in
Whatever state I am in—calm or crisis.
But it remains for me to trust that
Christ strengthens me…
Because today I know I am weak,
Fainting with the uncertainty of tomorrow.
Still… not to think this time, but to pray,
Not to trust in false hope, but to hope in true faith.
I choose again
His life within me while I am crucified with Him,
Maybe this time I’ll really die to myself