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On My Bed

I still my mind, when I can’t sleep,
To seek my Lord’s embrace.
He whispers with a voice so sweet,
“Come, tell me all your care.”
With grateful heart I throw it all
Before His throne of grace.
In answer to my Lover’s call,
I give Him every prayer:

The lonely hearts that I can see
And others that I know
Who battle with the enemy…
For grace and peace and rest;
For any who can serve or lead,
From high down to the low,
I feel a need to intercede,
And so, I give my best.

Then finally my heart grows still
And sleep begins to come,
Now I’m content, I’ve done His will.
I let myself succumb.

Moving On

On a cold May afternoon,
When the sky was dark and gray,
And my heart was filled with gloom
From the long and dreary day,
I was waiting for a word
In my wrought-up frame of mind,
But the message that I heard
Said, “Keep moving. There’s no time.
Holy Spirit’s on the move
Spread your wings and ride the wind.
Lift your eyes and see my truth.
Trust My Love, that lives within.?
When I heard my Father speak
He dispelled my foolish doubt.
He gave strength when I was weak.
With His love, He drew me out.
Though the road seem long and hard,
I will hear the still, small voice.
When my Shepherd is in charge,
I’ll stand strong and make His choice.

If I Could Write

If I could write, I’d tell of all I know,
Which isn’t much, for all I have to show.
This sense of self inside of me,
This thing that drives me to be free,
Is just a formless mass of feelings, though…

I try to write the deeper things inside.
Though most of me prefers to run and hide.
My efforts bring a war within
(It seems like all my life has been),
Yet I am fixed on letting go of pride.

If I could write, the passion in my prayer
Would be to touch the world with all its care—
To show them God’s great love for all,
So they could help break down their walls
Releasing all the anger and despair.

I try to write so people know I’m real
With caution in expressing how I feel—
So they identify with me
(With common eyes we clearly see),
And we can lay things at His feet and kneel.

If I could write, I’d risk all that I am,
To share my love, and consequence be damned
But still I struggle hard and long
To speak or sing a heartfelt song.
Sometimes I’m sure I’ll never write again.

I try to write despite this wretched doubt,
For I must write. I cannot live without
A way to speak my mind and heart—
To show I’m weak and then impart
How self laid down receives God’s grace throughout.

If I could write…

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