It’s nice to know that although my words get old,
His Word is forever fresh and new
Under the influence of the Holy Spirit.
That, of course, would be the key point.
I may be a writer, and a decent one at that,
But it’s crystal clear to me
That inspiration comes only from Him.
In reality, I am the pen through which
The ink of His Holy Spirit flows,
And that is only true when I stop
Struggling with verbalizing my thoughts
And let go my attempts to control.

A pen doesn’t attempt to be coherent,
Nor does it struggle to move itself.
A pen waits patiently until the Writer picks it up,
Then it relaxes completely in His hand,
Letting Him move it where He wills…
Simply grateful for the pleasure of being,
And of being used for its intended purpose.
The Author could compose a single word, a page, or a chapter
Before putting the pen back down to rest
In its accustomed place…
Out of the way, but ready at hand when needed.

Father, help me to be out of the way,
So people can see You working,
But ready and available when You need me.
More than that, Lord,
Please help me to rest when I am to rest, and
To trust You every moment when
It is time for me to relax so You can use me.