So, just in case anyone thinks otherwise, here’s a bit of news:

  • I welcome real, valid comments from real, valid users, and I would, in fact, be interested in feedback, comments, or¬†input on ANY of my writings.
  • ALL COMMENTS are moderated before being posted.
  • Any of the above-mentioned types of comments will be posted, regardless of my feelings on the content… read: I do not screen out negative input. I value each person’s opinion and welcome discussion.
  • Comment SPAM is not permitted and is immediately marked for deletion as such. Quit, already!!
  • Due to the comment spam, I have marked any posts older than 14 days as closed for comments. That being said, however, anyone who wants to give me valid feedback on anything is welcome to email me via my contact form and I will post it then.

Again, please do send me your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on my writings. I would love to hear from you.

Thanks to everyone for your indulgence in this matter.

Respectfully yours, Cara Colleen Coble