Most High God,
I choose again…
To acknowledge I have sin in my heart,
To agree with my accuser and trust You for mercy.
I choose once more…
To trust that You are right,
You are good, and You are holy in all Your ways.

Holy God,
I still need saving…
From myself, my self-will,
My foolish pursuit of empty things.
I still need cleansing…
From all the filth that piles in
When I am not vigilant to remain pure in heart.

Holy Lord,
I still need… You…
Your cleansing blood to wash through me
When it feels sometimes like I will never be clean again.
I still need Truth…
To help me crucify my flesh again.
Holy Spirit, help me be more like Jesus.

Holy One of Israel,
I still want transformation…
New life, new mindsets,
New ways to hear and see and do Your will.
I still desire…
To know the ways of God like Moses
More than just the works of God like Israel.

Lord Jesus, be…
Be my center, my refuge, my eternal Focus.