Words churn inside me like a stormy sea
This word, that word, other words
Float to the top of my consciousness
Slipping away before I can grasp how to express
The turmoil in my thoughts and heart.
This wearing down weighs my mind
Like a heavy backpack as I struggle to climb
Higher up, further out, deeper into
Connection with Father, with Jesus, with Holy Spirit.
The glaring inconsistencies of my shortcomings
Battle the grace I keep finding in Yeshua’s blood,
Till I hardly know whether I can move at all.
Still God beckons me to the new horizon waiting
At the top of the mountain.
The depths have tried to overwhelm me, but
Freedom stands ready to give me wings.
Somehow, some way, I am determined in this!
Moving against the flood of negativity,
The eyes of my heart opened wide as I can get them,
My choice is to step up to the next level of revelation,
To take action and practice all I have learned.
My deepest longing is to bring as many with me
As I possibly can, if only they are willing to see with me
All the possibilities that await them, too.
Regardless, though, I choose to go,
Even if I must go alone…
Even if others believe I am wrong or have lost my mind,
I know in the core of who I am that there is more—
More than the same-old, same-old religious practices,
More than the same-new, same-new religious practices,
Because God is such a vastly, unimaginably infinite God.
He cannot be confined to any world system.
From the foundation of the world,
He began to create, and He is still creating.
He began to reveal, and He is still revealing
More and more and more of who He is and
More and more of who He created us to be.
I am still in the process of discovery!!!