When heaviness of heart weighs me down and I wonder
If I will ever come close enough to You, Lord,
To find the satisfaction that can only be found in You…
I go to the secret place in my heart and wait again,
Searching my soul for the weaknesses that let all the peace leak out,
Praying with all the passion I possess for change,
For transformation, for Your presence.
The moments pass, the interminable moments pass
In my heart’s chamber…
So, I get up out of my bed and go around the city
Seeking my beloved again, asking the watchmen,
Till I find the One I love again and cling to You.
There is no peace without You, God,
But in Your presence peace permeates everything.
Please, Lord, let me never lose this sense
Letting me know I have distanced myself,
Because I don’t believe You ever leave me.
(You said You wouldn’t!)
Never let me lose sensitivity to Your moving,
Your working, Your stillness in my soul, Holy God.