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Sing A Song (1/5/11)

Sing a song, a pretty song,
To tell the world you love Me.
Sing it strong; sing all day long,
Sing “just because� and freely.

With great sacrifice, You saved us, gave us,
A wellspring of hope, You lift us, gift us
With faithfulness and mercy, Lord
With generous compassion, Lord
You work within us by Your Spirit.

Sing a song, a pretty song,
To tell creation’s story.
Sing it strong; sing all day long,
This gift of life from Glory.

O Light of our lives, we raise You, praise You
Love from above, we meet You, greet You
With everything we have to give,
With never ending awe we live,
For Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Sing a song, a pretty song,
With all you have within you.
Sing it strong; sing all day long;
Faith, hope, and love will shine through.

Morning Meditations (12/6/10)

Bright sunrise
Peeping round the gray clouds,
Then bursting forth
Against the distantly fading storm,
Erasing all the darkness
With neon red-orange light,
Brightening the winter landscape.

Coming day—
Fresh promise of hope spilling
Over my soul again,
Dissolving the crowded angry thoughts
Till once more, I find mercy
Renewed, gotten, given,
Expansive as the brilliant blue sky.

Wakened soul
Led to pasture one more time,
Guarded tenderly as
The deep, still waters of peacefulness
Soak through every bit of anxiety,
Reminding me…
The Lord is my Shepherd.

Source (8/11/10)

The fresh fire of Your presence
Ever tries me, and purifies me.
The warm wind of Your Spirit
Comforts sorrow, restores tomorrow.
The sweet scent of Your mercy
Never ceases, ever increases.

Lord, You are my source.
You lift me up.
You let me sing.
Lord, You are my life.
You are my Christ.
You are my King.

With full faith I will trust You
Hope anew, more pleasing to You, Lord,
As deep down You keep working
Still to correct me and to perfect me.
The pure peace in Your will, God
All encloses, never imposes.

The sole source of salvation—
Your blood flowing, triumphant knowing…
Your great grace poured out to me
Still renews me, flows on through me.
The whole world will adore You—
Only You, God, the only true God.

Your holy love cannot be measured.
Enfolding us, You whisper Your truth—
That we are Your treasure.

The LORD, The LORD God…

Exodus 34:6-7

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