Holy are you, Lord.
I come to your table again by your grace,
By your mercy, because of
Your unfathomable goodness and lovingkindness.
I know I am not worthy, but
Your blood covers me again and again.
Let me know your presence, Jesus.
Let me come to the Father through you.
Envelop me, Holy Spirit, with your love.

In your presence, God, is fullness of joy.
Help me to be… me with you.
I am in You, and You are in me.

We sit on the floor by the fireplace,
Basking in warmth,
Comfortable with just being together.
There is silence beneath the music,
And it is good.
You look into my eyes with loving acceptance.
How is this possible, Lord,
That you still love me despite my shortcomings?

Draw me to you again, please, Lord.
Increase my desire for your presence.
Show me contentment in you.
You, you, you are all I need.
Fill my lungs with your breath;
Fill my heart with your awareness.
Let your blood flow through my veins, Jesus,
Till I exude you to everyone around me.

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